CLAIM: Angelina Jolie Headed To “Rehab”

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(Star magazine)

By Daniel Gates

Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie is the victim of some pretty dirty tricks in this week’s Star magazine. “WASTED! Rehab For Angie” shouts the cover, which promises a “heroin shocker.” The real “shocker” is how the tabloid thinks it can get away with this total misrepresentation.

According to the magazine, Jolie “looked utterly exhausted and out of it” at the Berlin premiere of The Tourist, with one “insider” saying observers wondered “if there was more to it, like she was on drugs or something.” Allegedly worried about her after a “secret collapse at home,” Brad Pitt has “implored” her to get help, with a tabloid source explaining, “He fears that she’s slowly destroying herself and that it’s time for rehabilitation.”

Rehab for what exactly? Well, Star can’t say, of course. The magazine’s “insiders” allege that Jolie is coping with stress by drinking a bottle of wine a day and popping Ambien at night. Pitt is supposedly terrified that she could “overdose.”

But what about the “heroin shocker” blaring on the publication’s cover? The magazine doesn’t have one, just a reminder Jolie used heroin years ago, then raising the possibility she could relapse. It’s a particularly nasty bait-and-switch. And if you’re wondering why no other outlets that covered The Tourist premiere had mentioned the world’s most famous movie star looking drugged out and unsteady, it’s because it’s simply not true, as sources tell Gossip Cop. Not one of our impeccable sources could back up the outlet’s claims of Jolie allegedly collapsing or popping pills.

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