CLAIM: Angelina Jolie “Ice-Queen Mom”

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(In Touch)

By Daniel Gates

Angelina Jolie

(In Touch)

Like a dog with a bone, In Touch just will not let go. In its latest attempt to paint an unfavorable picture of Angelina Jolie‘s parenting, the magazine reaches back – way back – and talks to Krisann Morel, who worked as Jolie’s nanny “during her formative years” and gave her story to author Andrew Morton.

Morel tells In Touch about Jolie’s difficult childhood after her dad Jon Voight left mom Marcheline Betrand. The magazine explains that Jolie was a “lonely toddler” whose isolation and tough family situation “did some damage.” How does that relate to now?

“After she met [Brad Pitt] and settled down, changing her image from wild child to earth mother, Angelina’s ‘bizarre’ early upbringing seemed to affect her parenting skills,” notes In Touch. This supposedly alleges her image as an attentive mother is “all a facade.”

In Touch says she’s actually an “ice-queen mom who is distant” with her children, leading them to tantrums and bad behavior. For evidence, a “close source” for the magazine speaks with horror about the time one of the kids spilled grape juice, and Jolie “forced a nanny, who was about to leave, to ‘stay and work overtime’ to clean it.” In another instance, Shiloh fell down and cried, and a nanny handled it.

Um, quick question for In Touch. If the nannies aren’t supposed to help when there’s a juice spill or a kid tumbles, what exactly are they there to do? More importantly, the premise makes no sense. It’s no secret Jolie had an unstable childhood and a difficult relationship with Voight. It’s also no giant leap to conclude that her past affects her present, as is the case with anyone.

What is a leap into absurdity is to say that she entered into a stable partnership and chose to raise six children all for the sake of image control. Jolie and Pitt’s kids seem happy and healthy, despite being under constant tabloid scrutiny. The couple has now been together for 6 years, despite In Touch‘s weekly cries about trouble beneath the surface.

In other words, they’ve won, and the tabloid has lost. Now, in its desperation, In Touch is using old information from a decades-old source to tell readers they shouldn’t believe what they see. As a source close to the family tells Gossip Cop, Jolie is extremely involved in her kids’ lives.

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