Brad Pitt Spending Big Bucks On Topless Photo Of Angelina Jolie? (PIC INSIDE)

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By Daniel Gates



“A determined Brad Pitt doesn’t want anyone else to see Angelina Jolie horsing around,” claims the National Enquirer. According to the tabloid, the actor “is desperate to buy up a photo of Angelina, posing topless with a noble steed that’s nuzzling her chest!”

The 2001 David LaChapelle shot (called “Horseplay”) is set to headline a sale at Christie’s auction house in London, and the Enquirer says Pitt is obsessed with winning it. “Brad is prepared to pay whatever it takes to get the photo,” a so-called “source” tells the magazine. Um, why?

The Enquirer source explains, “Brad finds the photo of free-spirited Angie very sexy, although he’s not wild about the [Billy Bob Thornton] tattoo on her shoulder. Brad wants to keep the photo for himself but he’s also out to protect Angelina’s new image as an A-list actress, doting mother and United Nations human rights crusader.”

Well, this is about as dumb as a trumped-up story can get. The photo in question is not exactly secret or unseen. It’s been printed and posted in countless news stories — including the Enquirer’s — and right here, below, with Christie’s full permission.

Jolie’s “image” has not been affected one iota by the continued existence of an old photograph everyone’s already seen. There’s absolutely no reason for Pitt to be “desperate” to own it. Of course, the Enquirer is the same outlet that falsely claimed Pitt was “ready to shell out a staggering $10 Million” for an alleged sex tape featuring Jolie. That story was bogus, and so is this one.

(©David LaChapelle/Christie’s)

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Brad Pitt is spending big bucks on a nude picture of Angelina Jolie.

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