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CLAIM: Angelina Jolie is Writing $20 Million Memoir

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By Daniel Gates

(Getty Images)

Batten down the hatches! Here comes a National Enquirer “exclusive”!

Angelina Jolie is lining up a record-breaking $20-million payday for her tell-all memoir,” claims the tabloid, a book that “will devastate her love rival Jennifer Aniston!”

According to so-called Enquirer “insiders,” Jolie decided to write an autobiography “to show the world how she has transformed her life” after her bad girl past.

The magazine alleges that the memoir will spin Jolie’s personal history, including “her experimenting with lesbianism, her struggle with mental illness and how she won Brad Pitt.”

To undermine her supposed enemy, Jolie supposedly goes out of her way not to allude to Aniston in the book. “By not mentioning Jen at all, it’s like Angie saying her love rival for Brad doesn’t even exist on the same planet as her,” claims an Enquirer insider.

Here’s a question: What planet does the Enquirer call home?

Because this latest “exclusive” is — surprise! — total bunk.

All memoir rumors are “not true,” Jolie’s rep tells Gossip Cop.

Just another reminder that it’s never a good idea to consult the National Enquirer before heading to Barnes & Noble.


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