MAG: Angelina Jolie Slamming Madonna As Movie Director

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By Daniel Gates



“As their films face off in theaters, a battle is brewing between director divas Angelina Jolie and Madonna,” claims Star magazine. Oh? Do tell!

According to the tabloid’s “source,” Jolie has been “taking potshots” at Madonna at every opportunity, furious that people have been “drawing comparisons” between her and the Material Girl. Um… what? Who, exactly, is comparing the two? Star never says. (Because Star made it up!)

Apparently, since Jolie’s In the Land of Blood and Honey and Madonna’s W.E. are both getting attention, and because they’re both famous women, that means there simply must be some kind of horrible feud between them. “Angie considers Madonna a nuisance and a distraction from her own work,” reports the so-called “source” for the tab, adding that Jolie “said Madonna has no talent whatsoever for filmmaking and that W.E. is a big-screen joke.”

As background, Star cites criticism of such Madonna “cinematic failures” as Swept Away and Body of Evidence. One tiny problem: Madonna did not direct either of those movies. Star wants us to believe that Angelina Jolie is upset about imaginary directorial comparisons being drawn between her and Madonna because the singer once appeared in a couple of mediocre films? According to Star, “Madonna reached out to Angie, suggesting they get together to discuss moviemaking,” only to have Jolie reject her. That never happened.

A rep for Madonna tells Gossip Cop it’s “totally fabricated” nonsense. Meanwhile, sources close to Jolie inform Gossip Cop that there’s been absolutely no tension between her and Madonna – about their movies or otherwise. It seems to us like Star can’t envision two high-profile female directors being at peace with each other and decided to fan the flames of controversy.

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