Angelina Jolie “Forced to Cancel” Visit with Libyan Refugees?

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By Michael Lewittes

(X17Online/UNHCR Handout)

Angelina Jolie‘s Visit to Tunisia Sparks Mini Riot,” reads a headline from X17Online. According to the site, there were so many displaced Libyans “closing in on” Jolie during her visit to a refugee camp in neighboring Tunisia, “The UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador was forced to cancel half of her visit for security reasons.”

X17Online further claims, “The military was overwhelmed by the crowd and, seemingly, unprepared to protect Jolie sufficiently.” Adds a source for the blog: “Angelina was forced to find shelter in a tent and she had to be protected by 30 military personal with machine guns.” That’s news… to the UNHCR, which provided the website with a handout photo.

Gossip Cop spent a lot of time today reaching out to various arms of the United Nations to verify X17Online’s “exclusive” account. And while it’s true some people got pushy with each other while gawking at Jolie, the actress did NOT “cancel half of her visit” for security reasons. A UNHCR spokesman told us he was “unaware” of Jolie’s visit having to be cut short. It would be nice if sites allowed Jolie to continue doing her humanitarian work in dangerous parts of the world without creating more drama. She does such tremendous work, let’s get up the applause instead!

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