CLAIM: Angelina Jolie Scared Jennifer Aniston Away from Golden Globes

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By Daniel Gates

Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie

(Getty Images)

Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie

(Getty Images)

Because tabloids feel the need to make nice events sad, last Sunday’s Golden Globes are now being treated as some kind of cold war zone. Specifically, In Touch claims Jennifer Aniston‘s absence from the festivities was due to the fact that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were there.

The “Friends” star supposedly backed out of a presenting role because she dreaded the type of “mortifying run-in” she had with Brangelina at the 2009 Oscars. Instead, she stayed home to watch the awards on TV. But even in her own house, Aniston isn’t safe from Jolie, insists In Touch. As a so-called “friend” explains to the magazine, “Angelina still views Jen as a love rival, and she knows what to do to drive Jen to tears.”

It turns out Jolie’s public affection for Pitt at the Globes – leaning against him, putting her head on his shoulder, fixing his bow tie – was part of an alleged plot to make the telecast miserable for Aniston. “It was as if Angelina knew Jen was watching,” explains In Touch, which quotes a source as saying Jolie likes to “bully” Aniston.

Let’s stop here and make a U-turn back into reality. Jennifer Aniston didn’t attend the Globes for the same reasons George Clooney, Tom Cruise and a ton of other stars didn’t. She has free will, a busy schedule, and makes adult decisions.

Meanwhile, there’s nothing mature about In Touch‘s infantile reasoning that playground bullying forced Aniston to stay home. As for the notion that Jolie was affectionate just to torture Aniston via television, consider what the story would have been had she NOT been noticeably affectionate. Knowing In Touch‘s track record with her, the magazine would probably have announced that the Globes signaled the impending doom of Jolie’s relationship with Pitt.

She can’t win, and neither can Aniston. In fact, the only Aniston-Jolie war for which there’s actual evidence is the one the tabloids wage against both of them on a near weekly basis.

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