Angelina Jolie Had “Meltdown” Because of Jennifer Aniston?

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By Daniel Gates



Week after week, In Touch magazine tries to depict Angelina Jolie as angry and her relationship with Brad Pitt as unstable. And as time continues to prove the tabloid wrong, it becomes increasingly desperate with its allegations.

Consider the latest attempt. In Touch claims Jolie had a “meltdown” after “finding evidence” that Pitt still cares about his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. According to a so-called “insider,” in Pitt’s office Jolie spotted a copy of Allure with Aniston on the cover and “went ballistic… got really mad and stormed out.”

Jolie has been “long threatened” by Pitt’s “enduring affection” for his ex, claims the tab, to the point where she can’t even handle the thought of Pitt seeing Aniston on the cover of a magazine. When the actor supposedly refused to apologize for caring about Aniston, says In Touch, it led to Brangelina’s “worst rough patch in a while.”

Gossip Cop has a hard time remembering exactly when one alleged “rough patch” ends and the next begins with the couple, since In Touch has made dozens of such baseless claims over the months. Through it all, Pitt and Jolie raise their kids, make movies, do charity work, and, much to the tabloid’s frustration, stay happily together.

Jolie, herself on magazine covers everywhere, understands that Aniston’s face is also ubiquitous (as is Pitt’s). As a source close to the couple stresses to Gossip Cop again, they’re perfectly happy, and there’s been no “rough patch” of late. It isn’t Jolie who needs to “let go” of Aniston. It’s In Touch that needs to “let go” of its endless, futile quest to create controversy with Jolie and Pitt.

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