Tab: Angelina Jolie “Rage” Over Jennifer Aniston-Brad Pitt Connection

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By Daniel Gates


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Jennifer Aniston

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As time passes and any actual drama among Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie fades into history, outlets are becoming more and more desperate to create the appearance of scandal. In the twisted tabloid reality, Aniston and Jolie are locked in constant competition.

When Jolie is photographed taking her kids out for ice cream, it’s supposedly “twisting the knife” reminding Aniston of the family she doesn’t have. Using similar tabloid “logic,” Aniston showed off her home in Architectural Digest specifically to annoy design buff Pitt. By now, the “news” surrounding the three A-listers has been so polluted by phony paranoia, it’s easy to forget that the war is not between the stars themselves, but between OK! and In Touch and other outlets short on facts but blessed with imaginations.

This week, Star takes a crack at the Aniston-Pitt-Jolie triumvirate with an article claiming that news of the exes staying in touch sent Jolie “spiraling into an out-of-control rage.” According to the magazine’s source, Jolie was “insanely jealous and felt so insecure,” with a so-called “insider” alleging that she “would’ve slapped [Pitt] if he hadn’t put his arm in the way.” Indeed, the “special connection” between Pitt and Aniston “drives [Jolie] crazy,” adds the tabloid’s source, to the point that “she’s actually forbidding Brad to continue being in contact with Jen.”

So Jolie is “forbidding” the continuation of an alleged secret connection she supposedly failed to recognize in the first place? Sources close to the couple assure Gossip Cop this latest “rage” rumor is as flat out wrong as previous versions, and point out that despite incessant tabloid needling, Jolie and Pitt remain together and happy.

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