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Tab: Angelina Jolie Hates Her Nannies For Liking Her Kids

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By Daniel Gates


Angelina Jolie can’t win with the tabloids.

When she’s working halfway around the world and leaves Brad Pitt with their children, mags needle her for being too hands off as a parent.

But when she brings the tykes along with her to a location like Budapest, critics accuse her of running them ragged.

Now Life & Style is taking a slightly different approach, claiming that Jolie is “jealous of her nannies,” who have become close with the children.

The youngsters’ “favorite” nanny in Los Angeles is “very nurturing,” and Jolie “doesn’t like that at all,” according to the Life & Style insider.

Yes, we’re sure Jolie would prefer that her kids have cold, unfeeling nannies.

The actress is allegedly “threatened” by the bond between her kids and their nannies to the point of hating the help.

“Angelina doesn’t even look at one particular nanny when she’s speaking. She hates her. The children adore her — and that infuriates Angelina,” remarks the tab insider.

Life & Style suggests that there would be “less tension” if Jolie “overcame her jealousy and just gave the nannies a chance.”

Let’s look at the “logic” of this tabloid drivel.

Jolie supposedly doesn’t give the nannies she hates “a chance,” but has allowed them to become so close with her kids that she feels threatened? The star “hates” these long-term nannies so much she supposedly can’t even make eye contact, but brings them along on trips?

It sounds more likely that Life & Style is just “jealous” of outlets that get actual scoops.

And for the record, an insider tells Gossip Cop this story flat out isn’t true.

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