Angelina Jolie Supposedly Furious Over Brad Pitt’s Parents’ Planned Visit

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By Daniel Gates



The epic (and completely fictional) struggle between Angelina Jolie and her mortal enemies – elderly Missourians Bill and Jane Pitt – continues this week in the pages of Star. According to the tab, after Brad Pitt asked his parents to spend some time this summer at Chateau Miraval, the French estate where he and Jolie plan to spend the summer, she “went absolutely ballistic!”

“She lashed out at him and said he was doing this behind her back,” alleges a “source.” Jolie then supposedly drew a line in the sand, vowing that if Pitt’s folks stay too long, she’ll order them to “get out of my house!” But Pitt “is digging in his heels,” claims Star, reportedly “creating even more havoc in his already splintered house.” Neither superstar is backing down, and “the battle rages on,” writes the magazine. Um, sure.

One of the great things about this kind of rumor is that Star‘s wrongness won’t be evident until several months from now when Jolie doesn’t throw Pitt’s parents out of Chateau Miraval. But by then the tabloid will pretend it never invented her ultimatum from thin air in the first place. And if Pitt’s parents never come to Chateau Miraval, Star will claim it’s because Jolie won this fictional fight. Either way, Star is less concerned with the facts than with fabricating drama, the kind of “knock-down, drag-out fight” the tabloid’s “insider” insists is tearing apart the Brangelina household.

Week after week, month after month, Star and the other tabs portray Pitt and Jolie’s relationship as being on the brink of catastrophe. And year after year, the couple remains happily together. Gossip Cop‘s source close to Pitt and Jolie assures us that this latest attempt to show a rift between the stars is as baseless as the last thousand attempts.

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