CLAIM: Angelina Jolie Stuck Out Leg to Mock Alleged Enemy Stacy Keibler

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By Daniel Gates


The National Enquirer claims to have “solved” the “mystery” of Angelina Jolie’s “Oscar leg”! Allegedly, it was not to hide a pregnancy, but rather to send a message to an enemy! The tabloid explains, “Brad Pitt and George Clooney are years into a man-crush so intense even they joke they’re gay, but there’s NO love lost between Angelina Jolie and Clooney’s long-legged ex-wrestler gal pal, Stacy Keibler!”

Jolie is “sick of hearing Brad and George marvel at Stacy’s incredibly long, 42-inch legs,” claims a so-called “friend,” and the Enquirer says she set out to exact revenge. “Staging an inside joke NOBODY got, Jolie poked fun at Keibler by exposing her right leg to the world,” alleges the magazine. “Brad covered his eyes in embarrassment, and the audience just thought she was a show-off. Pitt supposedly asked Jolie not to pull the leg prank, according to an Enquirer “source,” but “Jolie knew she’d gotten Stacy’s goat, so she was happy!” Sigh.

First of all, this notion of bad blood between Jolie and Keibler (or between Jolie and Clooney) may be a tabloid favorite, but there is no truth whatsoever to it. More importantly, there’s no “mystery” or plot behind the infamous Oscar Leg Pose. It was not the start of a purported Jolie meltdown, nor did it signal trouble in her relationship, and it certainly has nothing to do with the fact that Stacy Keibler has long legs. But because the tabloids froth over any opportunity to link Jolie to scandal, these nonsense stories get written. A source close to Jolie laughed off the Keibler “inside joke” explanation for the leg pose and noted that the two women get along just fine.

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