Angelina Jolie “Hates” Engagement Ring?

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By Daniel Gates


There have been many weird rumors about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt since they announced their engagement last month. This might be the dumbest.

In Touch, which last week fabricated a fight about the couple’s wedding ceremony, now wants everyone to believe Jolie “hates” her engagement ring. The tab uses the fact that Jolie didn’t have the sparkler (designed by Pitt and jeweler Robert Procop) on her hand for an April 22 meeting with Ecuardor’s foreign minister as evidence that she doesn’t like it.

“She isn’t fond of it,” a so-called “friend” tells In Touch. “Nothing against Brad’s design. She’s just never been enamored of white diamonds.”

The magazine says Jolie had been hoping for an emerald instead. In fact, claims the In Touch source, Jolie thinks Pitt’s choice of a 10-carat diamond “shows how little he knows her.”

Another “insider” adds that Jolie’s reaction to the ring demonstrates that she’s “demanding” and “acting like a bridezilla.” Uh-huh.

So Jolie takes her ring off on a trip to Ecuador, and In Touch’s interpretation is: Jolie doesn’t think Pitt “knows” her after seven years and six children.

We’re sure this leap makes sense for the same fevered imaginations that concocted gems like “Jolie is cheating on Pitt with a bunch of women” and “Jolie’s humanitarianism is threatening her relationship,” but back in good ol’ reality, it’s insane.

A source close to Jolie tells Gossip Cop she loves her engagement ring and calls the In Touch story “ludicrous.”

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