Angelina Jolie: Starving For ‘Statement’?

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By Daniel Gates

Angelina Jolie

(Getty Images)

Angelina Jolie‘s alleged weight and eating disorders have been the subject of tabloid frenzy for some time now. Some publications have even claimed Jolie’s addicted to diet pills. Month after month there have been articles about the actress’s supposed extreme weight loss, which, if you think about it, is impossible.

In any case, Us Weekly is now hopping on the bandwagon with a new interpretation of Jolie’s supposed starvation. The magazine quotes a so-called “source” as saying Jolie, a United Nations goodwill ambassador, “puts herself on fasts to make statements for the children she visits.”

“She says, ‘If they can’t eat, I can’t eat,'” explains the Us source. “She does different cleanses from around the world. It’s very dramatic, but that’s how she gets.” Well, that definitely sounds “dramatic” – but is not accurate. It’s true that Jolie takes her UN responsibilities very seriously, making frequent trips to poor conditions around the world. But she’s not going on fasts to experience the hardships of the people she visits.

A source close to the actress-humanitarian tells Gossip Cop she makes her “statement” by investing time and energy into her frequent international efforts, and not through any kind of symbolic dietary “cleanses.” The source adds that trying to link Jolie’s personal eating habits to the very real suffering of the less fortunate populations she helps cheapens what’s been a long-term, meaningful relationship between Jolie and the United Nations.

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