Angelina Jolie Transforming Into “Pile of Bones”?

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(Life & Style)

By Daniel Gates

(Life & Style)

Angelina Jolie is yet another victim of Life & Style‘s campaign to make every actress in Hollywood worry about her body.

In a cover story, featuring a photo of the actress under the headline “Obsessed with Dieting,” the tab claims Brad Pitt is begging a “startlingly thin” Jolie to eat as she “takes her diet to scary extremes.” “While Angie’s sultry curves once set tongues wagging, she’s steadily disintegrating into a pile of bones,” explains Life & Style, which estimates her weight to be around 105 pounds.

The magazine, of course, has absolutely no clue how much Jolie weighs, which is why it uses unflattering photographs and a “nutritional therapist” who doesn’t have any contact with Jolie to make its case. Pitt, meanwhile, is allegedly worried about Jolie neglecting her health, and, according to a so-called “insider,” has “been telling her to bulk up on carbs.”

Life & Style offers a theory: It’s Lara Marsden‘s fault. Well, not entirely the World War Z assistant’s fault, but the tabloid argues that the stress of seeing Pitt “getting close” with Marsden, combined with the struggles of directing her first feature film and raising six children, have made Jolie fret about her weight, which is “one of the only things she’s able to control lately.” “She’s trying to take back the reins by obsessively monitoring what goes into her body,” explains Life & Style.

Meanwhile, what “goes into” these Life & Style stories is anyone’s guess. It’s true that Jolie is busy with her career and her family. But the notion that she’s wasting away to a “pile of bones” is absolute garbage. It’s interesting that the only specific meal Life & Style mentions, “monkfish wrapped in Parma ham,” which the mag says Jolie enjoyed at a restaurant in Scotland, seems perfectly filling.

The tabloid explains it by saying Jolie was only eating “under Brad’s watchful eye.” But Jolie is “disintegrating” in front of no one’s eyes but the magazine’s. Last month, Life & Style tried to convince everyone that the London riots were leading Jolie to the “breaking point.” Apparently, since Jolie remains unbroken, the magazine is continuing to hammer away.

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