Angelina Jolie “Tragic Health News” Is Just Another Bogus OK! Cover Story

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By Daniel Gates


OK! magazine’s truly embarrassing recent run of cover stories continues this week with a ghastly, sensationalized scare piece about Angelina Jolie’s allegedly “tragic health news.” According to the tabloid, which sold its readers a 100 percent false story about Jolie expecting twins three months ago, doctors fear the actress is now “risking her life.”

How so? OK! fails to say, really. Jolie apparently is showing “surprising gauntness just six months after her preventative cancer surgery,” says the magazine. “With everything she’s put her body through — the surgery and the stress of [directing] this movie [Unbroken] — she’s really defying her doctor’s orders and putting her life in danger by not eating or sleeping,” a so-called “insider” tells OK!

The mag’s source adds that Brad Pitt has told her “she’s way too thin right now. It’s really driving him crazy. He’s been telling her for years to stop starving herself, but she just doesn’t listen. It’s nothing short of tragic that she doesn’t take care of her health.” In other words, there’s NOTHING NEW HERE.

Before Jolie went public with her surgery, OK! was blathering about how her weight had plummeted as she allegedly starved herself. Tabloids have been making bogus claims about Jolie’s supposed extreme weight loss for years — and yet she remains active, healthy, and pretty much the same weight as always. This cover story is just empty alarmism from an outlet that owns a terrible recent track record with Jolie stories. A source close to Jolie tells Gossip Cop it’s “totally off base.”

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