CLAIM: Angelina Jolie Addicted to Diet Pills

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By Daniel Gates

Angelina Jolie has “sparked fears that she’s secretly addicted to diet pills,” alleges the National Enquirer, which claims the actress “has slipped to a near-skeletal 93 pounds.”

The supposed reason for the pill-popping? “She’s burning the candle at both ends – juggling career demands with her humanitarian work and trying to keep up with her rambunctious kids,” explains an Enquirer “source,” adding, “Angie believes the pills give her energy to help her get through the day.”

The magazine alleges that Jolie first took pills while shooting a movie in 2007, then “reportedly used” a South African supplement called Hoodia to lose her pregnancy weight. According to the story, Brad Pitt and Jolie’s friends fear “she’s become addicted” to the pills, and it’s supposedly become a constant source of tension as Jolie keeps up a hectic pace with work and family. All of this would be alarming, except that it’s based on absolutely nothing.

There’s no actual evidence that Jolie is even using diet pills, much less dependent on them. Not one of the tabloid’s “sources” can report seeing Jolie popping Hoodia or anything else, for that matter, besides typical pick-me-ups like coffee and candy. Nor does the Enquirer provide a single photo of Jolie looking “skeletal” or even noticeably thinner than usual.

The magazine’s entire argument seems to be that Jolie is so busy, she must be a diet pill addict. It implies that she can’t possibly be raising her kids and doing humanitarian and professional work without hazardous chemical assistance. It’s both fact-free and insulting.

A source close to Jolie tells Gossip Cop the article is totally absurd and 100% false. As in the past, the only conspicuous addiction seems to be the National Enquirer‘s dependence on sensational rumors.

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