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CLAIM: Angelina Jolie is “Desperate to Take Control Again”

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By Daniel Gates


In Touch is wrapping up an amazing 2010 of Angelina Jolie coverage.

In the last few months alone, the tabloid claimed Jolie was a “tyrant” and “madwoman” on the set of her directorial debut, had allowed her children to become filthy-mouthed “monsters,” was frantic about Brad Pitt and his female Moneyball extras, “betrayed” Pitt with her own sex scenes in The Tourist, strained her family relationships by being concerned for Pakistani flood victims, and was jealous of Pitt’s good looks.

So it’s no surprise the In Touch gang decided to squeeze in some more Brangelina baloney before New Year’s.

According to the mag, Jolie is “desperate to take control again,” because her latest film, The Tourist, underwhelmed at the box office. After all, a tab “insider” explains, “Hollywood is very unforgiving, and it worships the new actresses with baby faces.”

(By the way, In Touch conveniently ignores the huge success of Jolie’s Salt over the summer.)

So how does Jolie’s “desperate” control manifest itself?

Well, she attended a United Nations refugees event in Spain the day before Pitt’s 47th birthday, which In Touch equates with “ruin[ing]” it for him.

Uh… ok.

She’s also taken charge of Pitt’s wardrobe, the so-called “insider” claims, and is turning the handsome star “into a male version of Angelina – he’s never worn so much black-on-black in his life!”


Jolie also likes bringing their children on her promotional tours, because, in the words of the magazine’s source, she feels “like they should travel as a team.” For In Touch, it’s yet another “control tactic” Jolie uses “as her once red-hot career loses its luster.”

To recap: One of the world’s most famous and successful actresses is frantically trying to stay in “control” by… seeing her kids… doing humanitarian work… and dressing her significant other in black.

Or, in other words, Angelina Jolie went to a UN event, Brad Pitt recently wore a black outfit, their children came with them to Europe, and In Touch is “desperate” to tie these things together.

For the record, Jolie and Pitt remain fine, Gossip Cop hears.

The same cannot be said for In Touch‘s often bogus Brangelina reporting.

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