CLAIM: Angelina Jolie “Tragic Collapse” On Set Had Crew Fearing She Was “Dead”

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(National Enquirer)

By Daniel Gates

(National Enquirer)

(National Enquirer)

Angelina Jolie is down to 93 pounds, had a “tragic collapse” on her movie set, and has Brad Pitt in a “panic” over her “heart attack drama,” claims the National Enquirer in a story that is completely false — just like many previous stories the outlet has published about Jolie.

Here’s a quick refresher. Back in 2011, the magazine falsely alleged that she had slipped to 93 pounds and was addicted to diet pills. The following year, the tabloid falsely alleged that she was showing signs of hepatitis C and in need of a liver transplant. Last April, the Enquirer falsely alleged that a “skeletal” Jolie had allegedly “collapsed” in Africa. In July, the outlet falsely alleged that she had “shriveled to 92 pounds” and that Brad Pitt was terrified “she’ll die. Over and over, the National Enquirer makes outrageous and patently false allegations about Angelina Jolie’s health.

So what does the tabloid have for us this time? “Exhausted from overwork and a punishing travel schedule, a rail-thin Angelina Jolie suffered a frightening collapse on her Australian film set!” declares the Enquirer. According to “sources” for the outlet, “terrified crew and cast members rushed to Angelina’s side, fearing she’d actually died.”

WHAT?! The incident supposedly happened on the set of her directorial project Unbroken on December 2, says the magazine. Jolie was rehearsing a scene with several actors, claims the Enquirer, when “her legs buckled, her head rocked back and she slumped to her knees.” “When Angelina dropped to the ground, some of the cast and crew weren’t sure what was going on. At first, they thought she was play-acting. Then, they rushed to her side, believing she was seriously ill — or worse, dead!” a so-called “source” tells the tabloid. The tipster continues, “She was sickly pale and gasping for air. But Angie refused to be taken to the hospital. After she composed herself, she assured everyone she was fine and went right back to work.”

Wait a minute. Jolie was allegedly so ill people feared she was dead… but immediately went right back to work? No doctors? No hospital? No interruptions? No other outlets backing up a story about one of the world’s most famous women collapsing in public? It’s almost as though the entire incident never happened. Most of the Enquirer story is made up of medical experts (who have never treated Jolie) guessing wildly about her health, as well as speculation about Pitt’s fears for her. It’s all overblown, underreported nonsense. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the latest Enquirer story about Jolie’s health is “100 percent false.”

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