CLAIM: Angelina Jolie “Collapsed,” Brad Pitt Fears “Skeletal” Star “Killing Herself”

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By Daniel Gates


“After Angelina Jolie collapsed during a mission to war-torn Africa, a shaken Brad Pitt told the rail-thin beauty that her humanitarian work could kill her!” claims the National Enquirer. Huh? According to the magazine, the “skeletal superstar” was in the Democratic Republic of the Congo when she “crumbled in a heap on a bathroom floor.”

The Enquirer says Jolie allegedly received “emergency treatment” from a doctor and supposedly kept the incident “secret” until she returned to Los Angeles and “confessed” about the health scare to Pitt. Pitt “hit the roof” and warned her to “slow down,” claims the tab’s insider, who says Pitt told Jolie, “You’re killing yourself.”

The magazine goes on to describe the long hours Jolie puts into her humanitarian work and career, with the Enquirer alleging that she eats poorly and that it “all came to a head” during her Congo trip. “Angelina was so pathetically thin and pale that some of the refugees looked to be in better shape,” a so-called “African source” tells the Enquirer, which claims the actress was “found slumped on the floor of the restroom” and given an IV drip to recover. How come none of this ever came to light?

The Enquirer explains, “Astonishingly, the determined actress managed to gather enough strength to spend several more days on her mission before returning home.” Uh-huh. In other words, the health scare drama never happened.

We’ve been down this road before. Back in 2011, the Enquirer suggested that Jolie was “secretly addicted to diet pills” and had “Jolie “slipped to a near-skeletal 93 pounds” because of a diet pill addiction.

The outlet has been comically wrong about Jolie so many times — especially reguarding her health saying Angelina may need a liver transplant— it defies description. We understand why the Enquirer wants to put her name next to words like “collapse” and “skeletal,” and to sensationalize Pitt’s alleged concern that she’s “killing herself,” but readers should understand that it’s all bogus. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the report is 100 percent false.

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