Angelina Jolie’s Kids Aren’t Getting Christmas Gifts?

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Angelina Jolie Christmas Presents Kids Children

By Michael Lewittes

Angelina Jolie Christmas Presents Kids Children

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Angelina Jolie did not tell her children that they won’t be getting any presents on Christmas morning, despite a ridiculous new report that claims her six kids are calling her “Ebenezer” after she banned holiday gifts. Gossip Cop can bust this nonsense, which appeared in OK!, an outlet that has published several false stories about the actress and her family.

According to the tabloid, Jolie “warned” her children that they would not be getting gifts on Christmas because are too many people around the world who are in need. A so-called “insider” alleges in the magazine that Brad Pitt was ready to “drop a fortune” on their kids’ presents, but Jolie nixed that, and instead asked each child to “donate half of their allowance” to the charity of their choice. The tabloid’s supposed “source” adds that Jolie and Pitt’s children are now “grumbling” and calling their mom “Ebenezer” because they want to at least get “something” on Christmas day.

OK! further shamefully claims in its article that Jolie is a “villain” similar to Scrooge, but the only villainous thing here is the outlet’s reporting. The tabloid sadly attempts to turn Jolie’s history of philanthropy as a weapon to be used against her. Jolie never banned her kids from receiving presents. In fact, the Oscar winner recently discussed choosing Christmas gifts for her kids during an appearance on “Good Morning Britain.” Jolie said, “We try our best not to spoil them, so we try to be very balanced and calculating to not go too far.” Whoops! Regardless, a source close to the situation confirms to Gossip Cop that OK!’s story is absolutely false.

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