CLAIM: Angelina Jolie “Jealous” of Brother James Haven’s Girlfriend

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By Daniel Gates


We’ve seen some pretty desperate tabloid stories about Angelina Jolie, but this one might take the cake. Star magazine claims there’s a “bizarre love triangle” shaping up among Jolie, her brother James Haven and his girlfriend.

You read that correctly. Jolie is allegedly “jealous” of Ashley Reign, who’s been dating Haven for about two years. Um, why? Well, according to Star, now that Haven, whom Jolie infamously kissed at the 2000 Academy Awards, has found love, his famous sister “feels like she’s been replaced.”

“James has talked about getting married and having kids with Ashley, and it freaks Angie out,” claims a so-called “source” for the magazine, who further explains, “Angie doesn’t know how to share James with another woman. She’s jealous!” Sigh.

We miss the days when Star would merely fabricate rehab visits for Jolie. Now they’ve gone from (recklessly and wrongly) implying the Oscar winner’s on heroin, to insinuating she’s caught in some kind of incestuous power struggle.

A source close to the Oscar winner tells Gossip Cop the Jolie/Haven/Reign “love triangle” is as ridiculous as it sounds. “As ridiculous as it sounds” would be a good tag line for many Star so-called “exclusives.” We hope it sticks.

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