Angelina Jolie Not On The “Verge Of A Big Breakdown,” Despite New Report

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Angelina Jolie Breakdown Unraveling

By Michael Lewittes


Angelina Jolie Breakdown Unraveling

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Angelina Jolie is not on the “verge of a big breakdown,” despite a new sensationalized report from Life & Style. Gossip Cop can bust this story, which claims the actress spent the days before Christmas “crying and moping” in her bedroom because she feels like “everything is falling apart.”

The tabloid alleges that Jolie was inconsolable after she came down with chicken pox and was forced to miss the premiere of her new film Unbroken. The magazine adds that she was also still upset over the humiliating emails about her that were released during the Sony hacking scandal. A so-called “insider” claims that Jolie “burst into tears and cried, ‘I can’t take it anymore!'” when Brad Pitt tried to comfort her. It’s really hard to believe that Life & Style’s “source” would have witnessed such an intensely private and dramatic moment between the couple, mostly because it never happened.

Regardless, the outlet then goes on to say that Jolie has been “unraveling” for months. Why you ask? The tabloid claims that Jolie directing Pitt in By the Sea, a film about an unhappy couple, has added “tension” to the newlyweds’ relationship. Life & Style concludes its inaccurate report by quoting a psychologist who theorizes that Jolie may have made herself sick, noting that her getting the chicken pox could have been “her body’s alarm system” warning her that she “needs to rest.” We forgot to mention: That non-medical doctor has never treated Jolie.

Life & Style, of course, has been quite wrong before about Jolie. Aside from recovering from a case of chicken pox, Jolie is healthy and doing well. She is not “unraveling” nor is she on the “verge of a big breakdown,” as shamelessly claimed by the tabloid. A source assures Gossip Cop that this latest Life & Style story is absolutely untrue.

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