Tabloid Cannes Do No Right with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

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By Daniel Gates


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are back in the pages of In Touch, for one of their “nastiest” fights yet.

In other words… the magazine had two pages to fill, zero actual reporting, and a deadline. Let’s see what daydream In Touch printed as “fact” this time!

The couple “came close to coming undone” in Cannes, claims the tabloid, when an argument “erupted over an innocent discussion about the family’s upcoming summer vacation.” Oh, boy. Here we go.

It’s one of In Touch‘s favorite tactics! Invent a behind-closed-doors “fight” to distract readers from the fact that the couple you’ve declared “done” for 482 consecutive weeks is still happy and together.

Of course, the new “furious blowup” is based on the same old, wrong premises – debates over how to raise the kids, and Jolie being stubborn and overbearing. Pitt supposedly wants to take the children to Missouri for the summer for what a so-called “friend” calls “good, old-fashioned American fun.”

Jolie, however, is said to be insisting the family instead go to their French chateau, Miraval, since “Missouri is not her idea of a vacation.” When she refused to compromise by letting Pitt take their two oldest sons for some time in his home state, “he lost it,” according to the “friend.”

“He’s very close to his breaking point,” continues this In Touch source. “Sometimes, Angelina treats him like a nanny – and not the father of her children – and that drives him nuts.” Know what must drive In Touch “nuts”?

The fact that the magazine just can’t get Pitt and Jolie to unravel. Week after week, year after year, the couple raises their kids, promotes their movies, travels the world, and stays together.

Meanwhile, there’s nothing holding this latest In Touch story together except the staples in the binding. A source close to Brangelina tells Gossip Cop there’s zero truth to rumors of a Cannes “blowup.”

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