Angelina Jolie and Bodyguard Get “Too Close For Comfort”?

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By Daniel Gates


Angelina Jolie‘s bodyguard never could have guessed that flirting with the boss would fall under his job description,” writes Star magazine, which claims that “a rough patch” with Brad Pitt has led Jolie to go “looking for consolation… in the muscled arms of her handsome protector.” Oh, good grief.

Yes, according to Star, Jolie’s “mysterious companion” – known simply as ‘Guy’ – has been at her side for months as she travels across Europe for her directorial debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey, as well as Pitt’s World War Z. “Angelina sees him as a confidante, not an employee,” explains a so-called tabloid “insider.” “She trusts him and relies on him maybe more than anyone else.”

Star argues that Jolie is giving Pitt “the silent treatment” after his alleged “dalliance” with World War Z production assistant Lara Marsden. Marsden, you’ll recall, stood next to Pitt on a movie set, leading tabloids (including Star) to assume that they’re going to have a million babies together.

Now that “Guy” is next to Jolie, Star assumes that their association is also far more than professional. By Star‘s reasoning, therefore, as soon as “Guy” and Marsden stand next to each other, they’ll be an item and Jolie and Pitt’s problems will be over!

As a source close to Pitt and Jolie assure Gossip Cop yet again, the couple is perfectly happy, and these endless tabloid attempts to link them to the nearest people of the opposite sex is getting pathetic.

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