Angelina Jolie Wasting Away on “Ancient Grains” Diet?

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By Daniel Gates

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Angelina Jolie is eating like a bird — literally!” reports the National Enquirer, which is really starting to run out of ideas.

According to the tabloid, which regularly publishes and spreads outrageous and false stories about Jolie’s health, the actress-director “has become hooked on foods prepared with ‘ancient grains’ that only a parakeet could love.”

“Angie’s always been a fan of healthy seeds and grains, but lately she’s taken it to a whole new level,” explains a so-called Enquirer “insider.”

The mag’s source adds, “She claims they provide her with nutrients she can’t find anywhere else, plus shinier skin. But the problem is that she’s not balancing her diet with fruits, meats or vegetables.”

And while Brad Pitt has supposedly “tried everything to persuade her to eat more,” the Enquirer tipster says, “There’s no talking to Angie when it comes to food.”

“The fact that Angie’s replacing her meals with what’s effectively bird food is a huge worry for Brad,” says the mag source. “Her diet might be healthier but Brad’s telling her she needs to put some meat on those bones!”

This is roughly the ten thousandth time the Enquirer has claimed Jolie is wasting away. It continues to be nonsense. Jolie eats like a regular person, and she’s in good health. The Enquirer is not. A source close to the actress tells Gossip Cop the latest report is “silly.”

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