Angelina Jolie & Amal Clooney Do NOT “Hate Each Other,” Despite Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Angelina Jolie Amal Clooney

By Daniel Gates


Angelina Jolie Amal Clooney


Angelina Jolie and Amal Clooney do not “hate each other,” and they’re not engaged in a major feud filled with “jealousy, insults & backstabbing,” despite a new tabloid report Gossip Cop can exclusively bust. The story comes from Star, last seen inventing an absurd feud between Jolie and Emma Watson over humanitarian work.

The new report claims Jolie has “forbidden” Brad Pitt from speaking to George Clooney during her alleged “war” with Amal, and goes so far as to say that Jolie forced Pitt to skip the Clooneys’ recent wedding. A so-called “insider” tells Star, “Angie vetoed the trip at the last minute… She wanted to pull a power play and diss Amal.” Why the supposed bad blood? According to the mag’s source, “For all her charity work, Angie is deeply insecure, self-absorbed and calculating. It eats at her that Amal is everything she isn’t: educated, well-bred, respected and in an earned position of power.”

Um, Jolie is an Oscar-winning actress, successful director, lauded human rights advocate and mother of six children. The only times she’s disrespected are when she appears in desperate, sensational tabloid stories like this one. The idea that she and Clooney are feuding shows what’s wrong with Star, not what’s wrong with Jolie. Magazines use any chance they can to pit women against each other. In the twisted world of tabloids, women are always fighting over everything from men to movie roles to recognition for humanitarian work.

Star is worst than most. Gossip Cop first heard about the tabloid working on this ridiculous rumor a few weeks ago. We were told at the time that Clooney’s camp advised Star to “get better sources.” Clearly, they didn’t. We hoped the magazine would surprise us and think better of running the story. We should have known better. A rep for Clooney tells Gossip Cop exclusively, “This story is 100 percent fiction.”

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