CLAIM: Angelina Jolie Adopting Girl From Haiti

Truth rating: 3

By Michael Lewittes


Another day, another Angelina Jolie adoption rumor. The Daily Mirror claims that Jolie and Brad Pitt are planning to adopt a 4-year-old Haitian girl named Leah, whom the actress met last year on a visit to the country.

According to the outlet, “It was love at first sight” for Jolie, who hopes the child “will be part of her big happy family at Brangelina Towers by the end of this year.” A source for the tab says, “Angelina’s lawyers are in the process of getting an authorisation so Leah can spend some time with her in America. That’s standard procedure, basically they need to make sure Leah will adapt well.”

“If Leah fits well within her family in the States, she will be able to adopt her,” the supposed “source” adds. Hmm… So the child will come to stay with the Jolie-Pitts on a temporary basis, and go back to Haiti if it doesn’t work out? That doesn’t sound like “standard procedure” to us.

Moreover, the Mirror claims the couple will adopt “by the end of this year,” buying them 11 months to be “right.” If Jolie doesn’t adopt by 2012, they’re off the hook, of course, because by that time the story will be long forgotten. Gossip Cop is very skeptical about this adoption rumor.

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UPDATE – Jolie herself has now confirmed that she will NOT be adopting. “Earlier this week, the Daily Mirror U.K. and others reported that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are in the process of adopting a child from Haiti. There is no truth to these rumors,” her representative says in a statement.

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