CLAIM: Angelina Jolie Plummets to “Shocking 98 Pounds” in “Health Crisis”

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By Daniel Gates


A “stressed-out” Angelina Jolie is allegedly “down to a shocking 98 lbs.,” claims Star in a sensationalized piece lacking both shame and self-awareness.

How bad is this latest Star story? Last January, the tabloid published a desperate and false cover story announcing that Jolie was “pregnant,” “headed for rehab” and down to… 98 pounds. Seriously.

Gossip Cop busted that report, and all the similarly incorrect claims Star and its “sources” made about Jolie in the following months. The magazine’s track record speaks for itself.

Now comes this week’s article, in which Star once again reports that Jolie’s “shockingly skinny frame” indicates that she’s supposedly hit an “emotional low point, overcome with stress about her unraveling relationship with fiancé Brad Pitt and exhausted from dealing with her six out-of-control kids.”

Star offers a lame explanation for repeating its “98 pounds” claim from 10 months ago, alleging that Jolie was down to that weight, and that Pitt was looking into rehab facilities — but then she supposedly “gained weight, so Brad let it go.” How convenient for the tabloid! Except now, according to a “source” for Star, Jolie has “backtracked in the past two months.”

“She’s deathly white and sickly looking,” a so-called “friend” explains to the magazine. A Star “insider” comments, “Brad and Angie have a sick, twisted relationship. When they aren’t getting along, Angie gets depressed and stops eating and then her weight plummets.” The only thing that’s plummeted is Star’s credibility. Despite the mag’s best efforts to declare a “health crisis” for Jolie, and to allege that her “drastic weight loss is a cry for help from her fiancé,” there’s absolutely ZERO truth to the story. Jolie is thin, and she’s been so for a very long time. She did NOT have a “98 pounds” emergency last winter, and she’s NOT having a “98 pounds” emergency now. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the new Star report is “absurd” and “irresponsible.”

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