TAB: Uncovered Angelina Jolie Letter From 2005 Reveals Her Brad Pitt Plans

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By Daniel Gates



“A bombshell letter written by Angelina Jolie reveals the big-screen sexpot was bound and determined from the very start to steal Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston!” declares the National Enquirer, which continues to sink deeper and deeper into absurdity when it comes to reporting on Jolie.

The tabloid cites an “insider” who claims a never-mailed letter, allegedly written by Jolie and found on a private jet in August 2005, shows that Pitt and Jolie’s then-new relationship had hit a trouble spot, but that she was convinced “he’d come back to her because they were soul mates.”

“In the letter, Angelina told Brad that soon after they met, she knew he was the only man she wanted to have babies with,” explains the Enquirer’s source. The “insider” adds, “She also said it was unfortunate that people were already hurt, but it was fate that they’d be together, and what they had was bigger than anyone or anything — Jennifer Aniston included!” According to the mag, the Aniston jab is noteworthy because even though Pitt and Aniston split in January 2005, at the time of the alleged letter, Pitt was temporarily broken up with Jolie and pondering “if he’d made the right choice.” A “pal” of Aniston tells the tabloid, “Given some time, Jen and Brad may have been able to work things out. But this new information shows Angelina was never going to allow that to happen. Whatever Angie wants, Angie gets.”

Uh-huh. Let’s recap what the Enquirer is saying: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (allegedly) briefly split seven years ago, no one knew about it, Pitt (allegedly) was considering a reunion with Jennifer Aniston (which never happened), but Jolie saved their relationship by writing that it was her “fate” to be with Pitt in a mysterious letter some random, unidentified person found found on a plane in 2005. This is just another made-up story from a publication that seems to have gotten even worse fabricating its bogus reports about Jolie and Pitt.

If there was ANYTHING legitimate about this alleged 2005 “letter,” why is it only coming to light now? Oh, and where exactly is this letter? There may be a statute of limitations on crime, but apparently not on b.s. “reporting” on Jolie and Pitt. The couple plans to wed, they’re raising six children, and Aniston herself is happily engaged. It’s time for the Enquirer to join the rest of the world in 2012.

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