Andy Samberg Wears Bubble Boy Suit On Jimmy Kimmel Live — WATCH VIDEO!

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Andy Samberg Bubble Suit Jimmy Kimmel Video

By Shari Weiss


Andy Samberg Bubble Suit Jimmy Kimmel Video


Andy Samberg wore a Bubble Boy suit on Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Watch below!

While Samberg is always up for some hilarious shenanigans, he apparently had a good reason for this particular stunt. The former “Saturday Night Live” star has the flu. There was some disagreement, however, about just whose idea it was to come out in full protective gear.

After Kimmel thanked Samberg for showing up while sick, the guest complained, “I didn’t really see the need for the suit and everything.” Kimmel blamed the “precaution” on ABC, leading Samberg to shoot back, “I talked to a couple of ABC execs, and they said you wanted it.” He further admitted that medications were making his head “soupy,” and the whole experience at the moment was feeling “like a dream.”

Samberg went on to joke that “patient zero” hasn’t been identified, said he was taking “Butt Max” (to maximize his butt’s potential, natch), and used his illness as an excuse for not yet preparing for his upcoming gig as Emmys host. Kimmel later quipped, “I like that we’ve moved on from the plastic bubble, and we’re now trying to have a regular conversation.” Samberg was actually on the show to promote his HBO mocumentary, “7 Days In Hell.” Check out the funny videos below!

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