Andi Dorfman Joining The View Fabricated By HollywoodLife – No Validity To Report

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By Michael Lewittes


Andi Dorfman The View

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Andi Dorfman may go from finding love to chatting it up on The View,” begins another wholly fabricated story by HollywoodLife on the heels of the news that Jenny McCarthy was let go from “The View” and Sherri Shepherd left after protracted negotiations broke down .The non-authoritative webloid writes, “Since Jenni McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd are leaving The View co-host table, has learned EXCLUSIVELY that Bachelorette star Andi is on the list to replace Jenni and Sherri!” Stop.

How trustworthy can any information from HollywoodLife be when (1) Gossip Cop has to correct them on a daily basis, and (2) they spelled McCarthy’s first name wrong, not once but twice in the opening line of its latest story. (It’s Jenny with a “y.”) The bogus blog that seemingly will post anything for traffic then has one of its dubious sources say that network bosses want to see if Dorfman “would work out in the mold of The View, the folks at ABC have tons of decisions to make including bringing Barbra back.” Stop.

Barbara Walters retired. And she spells her name Barbara, not Barbra. Proving HollywoodLife know absolutely nothing about the entertainment industry, the site then notes, “Andi has already been rumored to be moving to Hollywood. Could she be heading to the city of stars to co-host The View?” Stop.

“The View” is filmed in New York, not Hollywood. Regardless, Gossip Cop spoke to an actual show insider who tells us the HollywoodLies, er, HollywoodLife story is “absolutely not true.” Why do you think HollywoodLife made up this story?

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Andi Dorfman is joining “The View.”

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