VIDEO: Anastasia Steele’s Pubic Hair Has Exciting “Journey,” Says Fifty Shades of Grey Director

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Fifty Shades Pubic Hair

By Daniel Gates


Fifty Shades Pubic Hair


Sam Taylor-Johnson wants Fifty Shades of Grey audiences to watch out for a special journey taken by Anastasia Steele’s… pubic hair. The director was asked during an interview on HuffPost Live about the movie’s decision to acknowledge that not every sexually active adult is clean-shaven down there.

“There’s pubic hair! She actually has a bush, which is fantastic!” observes the interviewer. Taylor-Johnson says, “It was a conscious choice. [Lead actress Dakota Johnson] and I had a very funny discussion about the arc and journey of her pubic hair… that she should start one way, and she goes on this journey with it, and in line with how it’s written in the book is the journey of that.”

Taylor-Johnson advises people to “look out for the journey of the pubic hair.” We will. Meanwhile, will she be directing the planned sequels to Fifty Shades? “I’m waiting like everybody else to hear what the plans are for the future,” says Taylor-Johnson.

She explains, “It’s that feeling of you’ve just had a baby, and someone goes, ‘When are you having the next one?’ It’s like, ‘Whoa, give me a little moment here. I need to breathe.'” Indeed. The first movie isn’t even out yet. It premieres this weekend. Will you be seeing Fifty Shades of Grey in theaters? Are you excited about the pubic hair’s journey? Watch the video below.

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