Today Show Canceled Amy Adams Interview At Last Minute Over Discomfort With Sony Hacking Questions

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Amy Adams Today Show Canceled

By Daniel Gates


Amy Adams Today Show Canceled

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The “Today Show” canceled Monday’s interview with Amy Adams after producers told her at the last minute that they planned to make her talk about the Sony hacking situation. Gossip Cop has confirmed with sources close to the situation that Adams, who was scheduled to appear to promote her movie Big Eyes, was dropped from the show after expressing discomfort with the unexpected subject matter.

Adams’ connection to the Sony scandal is that hacked and leaked email correspondence revealed that she received less compensation for last year’s American Hustle than her male co-stars. But Adams has not been front and center in the saga (unlike Seth Rogen, James Franco, Sony chief Amy Pascal, producer Scott Rudin, and others), and the actress was surprised when “Today Show” staffers informed her shortly before her interview that she would be asked about the hack, especially when she was only slated to be on for a few minutes to discuss her movie.

The New York Daily News first reported that something had gone awry with Adams’ interview, although Gossip Cop is told that the outlet’s characterization of Adams’ outrage is somewhat exaggerated. We hear the version of events in which Adams allegedly “freaked out” and “got aggressive” in the green room before leaving is not accurate.

Sources tell Gossip Cop that Adams was surprised by NBC’s last-minute request that she talk about the hacking, and expressed her discomfort with the situation. When the show insisted that she answer the questions, Adams relented and agreed to move forward with the sit-down, even though it was her preference to focus on Big Eyes. But when “Today Show” producers realized they might not get significant answers from Adams about the hacking during a live interview, they canceled on the spot.

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