Amy Adams SNL Monologue Gets Crashed By Kristen Wiig – WATCH VIDEO!

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Amy Adams SNL Monologue Kristen Wiig

By Michael Lewittes


Amy Adams SNL Monologue Kristen Wiig


Amy Adams opened her “SNL” monologue about how excited she is about hosting the Christmas show. She said she loves Christmas, and that it’s her favorite time of the year. Adams then sang “We Need A Little Christmas” with current cast members, until “SNL” alum Kristen Wiig crashed the monologue. Wiig then said Adams needed to jazz up the song, and added all sort of crazy lyrics and props. It got all crazy before the entire cast joked them for a much more normal rendition of the song (video below).

This marks the second time Adams has hosted “SNL.” The actress first hosted the show back in 2008, alongside musical guest Vampire Weekend, and proved herself back then also a capable sketch comedy actress and singer. That time, too, Wiig interrupted her monologue.

Adams is hosting “SNL” in advance of the release of her film Big Eyes, which opens on December 25. The film, directed by Tim Burton, tells the real-life story of Margaret Keane, whose paintings of big-eyed kids became hugely successful in the 1950s. The hitch, however, was that her husband Walter Keane (played by Christoph Waltz) signed the paintings and took the credit for her work. The couple ultimately divorced over the husband’s thievery, but their case created a ton of courtroom drama upon much of which the film is based.

Check out the video below of Adams’ monologue and tell us what you think!

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