Amanda Seyfried: “I Need Someone Who Can Make Fun Of The Stick Up My A**”

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(Elle UK)

By Michael Lewittes


(Elle UK)

Amanda Seyfried candidly talks about relationships, anxiety, and being grateful for Kate Upton in the June issue of Elle UK.

The actress, who bares her midriff for the magazine’s cover, has a perfect explanation for why her relationship with boyfriend Justin Long works. “I need someone who can make fun of the stick up my ass,” she tells the magazine before laughing.

Seyfried is an open book when it comes to discussing her obsessive compulsive nature and struggles with anxiety. “I feel terrible for the younger me, because I thought I was crazy,” she says. “I had my anxiety and my OCD – a lot of kids have it,” notes Seyfried, adding, “You’re afraid of it; you’re afraid of your brain. I didn’t tell people… My parents didn’t even know.”

Seyfried admits to taking anti-anxiety medication, despite her management’s desire for her to stop mentioning it in interview. “Why not mention it if it is true?” she says.

When it comes to pressures surrounding her body, Seyfried is grateful for one model in particular. “Thank God for Kate Upton,” she says. “She’s a supermodel, she has curves. She’s like the new image of beauty and thank God.”

Seyfried is also honest about falling in love with her ex-boyfriend Dominic Cooper on the set of Mamma Mia! “It was the most romantic thing ever,” she says. “We had such an amazing experience, so special and separate from everything else that we’d experienced in life… a moment to remember.” “It’s so cheesy,” she adds, “but we both became poets – some of the best poetry I’ve ever read, he wrote.”

Despite their whirlwind romance, Seyfried knows they would have never worked out in the long run. “I’m too uptight for him. Or he’s too relaxed for me,” she explains. “He’s been with the same girl for ages. I hope they’re happy. What do you think of Seyfried’s honesty?

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