Amanda Bynes Reportedly Doing Better, Lucid and Off Medications

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Amanda Bynes Doing Better

By Daniel Gates

Amanda Bynes Doing Better

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Amanda Bynes is reportedly doing better. The actress is said to no longer be manic or behaving erratically. Whether she can stay healthy remains to be seen, of course, but TMZ reports that Bynes is off her medications and has stunned her family by showing no signs of the mental illness that has plagued her in recent years.

According to the outlet, Bynes is “completely lucid,” with her behavior stabilized to the point that her parents feel comfortable giving her limited access to bank accounts. She recently made a trip to the University of Southern California, where she intends to study psychology. Bynes is reportedly utilizing stress-reducing activities like yoga and meditation.

After an extremely volatile 2013, Bynes seemed to be doing better earlier this year, pursuing a career in fashion. But the former child star was arrested for DUI in September, opening up a whole new chapter of trouble that included being kicked out of school and accused of shoplifting.

Bynes repeatedly made wild allegations of sexual abuse against her father on Twitter, later recanting them. She was hospitalized under a psychiatric hold, placed under a legal conservatorship, and later admitted that she was bipolar and manic depressive. She made violent, troubling threats on Twitter and in audio recordings, later apologizing for causing her family pain. Last month, she said, “I am doing my best to get better.” Hopefully, if the new report is accurate, Bynes is on the path to better health.

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