WATCH: Allison Janney And Anna Faris Hilariously Make Up Stars’ Acceptance Speeches At People’s Choice Awards

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Allison Janney Anna Faris People's Choice Awards Video

By Shari Weiss


Allison Janney Anna Faris People's Choice Awards Video


Allison Janney and Anna Faris hosted the 2015 People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday, but as it turns out, they’ve been working behind-the-scenes for years. In an amusing sketch, the co-hosts revealed they are also AASS… Awards Acceptance Speech Supervisors. Check out the video below!

“We’re asses,” quipped Faris, prompting Janney to point out that it’s actually pronounced like “aces.” Hidden backstage, the duo would use a microphone that connected to whomever was accepting an award on stage, letting them feed lines into the winner’s earpiece. That’s allowed Janney to effortlessly and successfully help the likes of a mumbling and stumbling Neil Patrick Harris.

But for Faris, the gig didn’t come quite so naturally to her. In her first attempt, the actress tries to assist the “Hot in Cleveland” cast, but ended up arguing with Betty White before going to cry in the corner. Fortunately, Faris improved in the future, and even ended up saving the day once when Janney had a mishap with Emma Stone. “Emily Jean Stone,” Faris told her. “Repeat exactly what I say.” And it worked.

Now, even while serving as hosts, Faris promised, “So, to all the winners tonight, don’t worry. We’ve still got your backs.” That’s asses! Uh, we mean, aces! Watch the full video below!

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