Alex Rodriguez Jealous Over Justin Timberlake, Cameron Diaz?

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Justin Timberlake Cameron Diaz Alex Rodriguez

By Daniel Gates

Justin Timberlake Cameron Diaz Alex Rodriguez

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Alex Rodriguez has “long been known as a heartbreaker,” says the National Enquirer, but “sources” tell the tabloid the tables have turned, and he’s now “insanely jealous” over the close bond between his girlfriend Cameron Diaz and her ex, Justin Timberlake.

The singer, of course, can’t even share a ballroom with an actress without romantic rumors, thanks to the Enquirer, which once linked Timberlake to Kate Hudson just because they presented together at an awards show. Now, alleges the magazine, Rodriguez is “furious” that Timberlake and Diaz are slated to promote their movie Bad Teacher together.

“Alex isn’t normally a jealous kind of guy, but he knows how much history Cameron and Justin have together and it’s made him insecure,” explains the Enquirer‘s “source.” “He’s been grilling Cameron about her relationship with Justin and having little temper tantrums.” Yeah, so little they don’t even exist.

Gossip Cop wonders where the Enquirer gets this stuff. The tabloid doesn’t even bother inventing phony flirting between Timberlake and Diaz, because all of the tabloid talk about them reuniting as their movie was filming led absolutely nowhere. So the Enquirer is forced to pretend that Rodriguez is overreacting to what it’s already essentially treating as a non-issue.

In any case, a source close to the ballplayer tells Gossip Cop, the jealousy story is bogus, and “nothing could be further from the truth… that’s just not his way – they have a grown-up relationship.” Looks like another strikeout for the Enquirer.

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