Adele Is Becoming A “Recluse” On “Lockdown,” Claims Clueless Magazine

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Adele Recluse

By Daniel Gates

Adele Recluse

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Adele is NOT “becoming a recluse,” despite an OK! report. According to the tabloid, the singer is “on self-imposed lockdown!” Why? “Sources say she is so stressed about expectations for her next album that she refuses to leave the house,” explains the magazine.

“She stays in with her son and her dog and ignores calls from her team,” a so-called “insider” tells the outlet. “Adele had crippling stage fright four years ago, and now there’s concern that she’ll be too terrified to return to the public eye at all.”

This is completely made up. A rep for Adele says there’s no truth to the story, which seems to be taking advantage of the fact that Adele enjoys privacy and hasn’t really had much reason to be at events and away from her young son in recent months. But even so, she hasn’t become totally reclusive. For instance, as Gossip Cop reported in May, Adele was at Katy Perry’s London concert, hanging out with her fellow pop star.

Adele is focused on raising her son at the moment, and it’s not as though she was a party circuit fixture even before becoming a mom. OK! is treating the private Adele as some kind of reclusive weirdo, and it’s totally off base. When Adele returns to the public stage and performs new music, we expect OK! to pretend it never published this story.

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