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Adele Is Victim of Death Hoax

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By Daniel Gates


Adele is the victim of a death hoax.

A rumor that the singer had died spread like wildfire on Twitter on Saturday.

“RIP Adele” became a trending topic, only further fueling speculation.

It is 100% false.

Adele is alive and well.

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These stupid jokes about celebrities “dying,” which have already victimized Cher and Demi Moore in the last couple of days, are really sick and unfunny.

Usually in the past, the idiots who start these rumors have used some kind of random accident to make it appear “legit.”

More and more, just getting “RIP [fill in the blank]” to trend on Twitter is enough to needlessly worry fans and friends.

We’re not sure what the solution is, but we hope the nonsense stops.

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