Big Brother’s Aaryn Gries on Racist Jokes: That’s How We Talk in Texas! (VIDEO)


By Daniel Gates



Julie Chen confronted newly evicted “Big Brother” contestant Aaryn Gries about her use of racially charged language after the controversial cast member was voted out of the house on Thursday’s show. As Gossip Cop reported, Gries raised eyebrows and dropped jaws with homophobic and racist remarks toward her “Big Brother” mates throughout the summer.

“Big Brother” host Chen, who described herself as “enraged” by Gries’ behavior, finally had the chance to take Gries to task for her behavior, and read back some of Gries’ appalling verbal abuse. Looking shocked at her own words, Gries explained, “Being Southern is a stereotype, and I have said some things that have been taken completely out of context and wrong, and I do not mean to ever come off racist. That’s not me, and I apologize to anyone that I’ve offended with that.”

She added, “I do not remember saying those things… That was not meant to be serious… I feel horrible for that, and I regret that.” Gries continued, “In Texas, we say things… sometimes we joke, and we don’t mean it, and I really feel bad that this is how it’s being seen, and how I’ve come across to people.” Watch the video below.

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