Aaron Lewis Bungles National Anthem Lyrics At World Series — WATCH VIDEO!

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Aaron Lewis National Anthem Video

By Shari Weiss


Aaron Lewis National Anthem Video

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Aaron Lewis performed the National Anthem at the World Series on Sunday… badly. The Staind front man took the field at AT&T Park in San Francisco, before the Giants took on the Kansas City Royals.

But with thousands of people watching in the stadium and millions more at home, Lewis bungled the lyrics to the “Star-Spangled Banner.” Lewis sang “gallantly streaming” twice, apparently mixing it up with “twilight’s last gleaming.”

Many viewers immediately took to Twitter afterward to express confusion and criticism. One user wrote, “Did Aaron Lewis just rewrite the National Anthem?” Another tweeted, “Aaron Lewis, either bone up on our National Anthem lyrics or use a cheat sheet (I thought we all knew that song!).” And one watcher played on the Staind song “It’s Been A While,” writing, “I suppose it’s, ahem, been awhile since Aaron Lewis practiced the lyrics to the National Anthem.”

Some people were (somewhat) sympathetic. “As a patriot, I’m sure Aaron Lewis’ worst nightmare just came true. I feel bad for the dude. Nerves got the best of him,” wrote one supporter. Another fan tweeted, “It’s ok, Aaron Lewis. Your acoustic songs display your talent. One live performance isn’t the end of you.”

A few pointed out what they saw as irony in the situation. Lewis is a conservative Republican who calls himself a Patriot in his Twitter bio. One fan even noted, “Aw jeez. Just saw Aaron Lewis on Thursday and he started off his show with the pledge of allegiance. Apparently he messed up the anthem.” Someone else wrote, “Aaron Lewis messed up the national anthem? Same dude who released a country album full of songs about how much more American he is than us?”

Of course, Lewis isn’t the first person to fumble the words to the National Anthem, and surely won’t be the last. But perhaps most interestingly, back in 2011, the rocker-turned-country-singer ripped Christina Aguilera for her infamous “Star-Spangled Banner” screw-up at the Super Bowl.

Check out both videos below, and tell us what you think.

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