9 Months Pregnant Woman Chases Down Mugger, Gives Birth Hours Later (VIDEO)

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Pregnant Woman Mugger

By Daniel Gates

Pregnant Woman Mugger


Kristen Thompson was nine months pregnant when a mugger named Mark Newton tried to steal her purse outside the Kroger grocery store in Flint, Michigan earlier this month.

Newton picked on the wrong woman.

According to police, the mugger snatched Thompson’s purse from her grocery cart and ran around the side of the building, probably not expecting her to give chase in her condition.

But that’s exactly what she did.


“When it happened, it made me really, really angry,” she tells the Flint Journal. “I was more mad than anything and determined to get [the purse] back.”

Thompson chased her assailant, only to have Newton shove her to the ground, bloodying her legs.

She wasn’t about to give up.

The mom-to-be got back up and gave chase again, yelling for two nearby teenage boys to help her.

They tackled Newton, and forced him to drop her belongings, giving her time to alert the police and her family about what was happening.

When Thompson’s brother got to the scene, he caught up with the mugger a couple of blocks away, knocking his sister’s attacker out and detaining him until police arrived.

About two hours after her battle with the mugger, Thompson was in labor, having started contractions after the incident.

After an emergency C-section, adorable Joseph Thompson was born.

Thompson says of Newton’s motives in targeting her, “Of all people in the parking lot, why did you pick a pregnant chick? I guess he didn’t think I’d fight back. He was wrong.”


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