50 Cent NOT “Smashing” Jennifer Aniston, Despite Ridiculous MediaTakeOut Story

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Jennifer Aniston 50 Cent MediaTakeOut

By Shari Weiss

Jennifer Aniston 50 Cent MediaTakeOut


MediaTakeOut might have just published its most ridiculous story of the year. And that’s saying something, considering the insane crap the outlet spreads day in and day out. Let Gossip Cop be clear: 50 Cent is NOT “smashing” Jennifer Aniston, despite what MediaFakeOut wants readers to believe.

On Sunday, the webloid blared, “SAY WERRRRRRRD???? Rapper 50 Cent Is ALLEGEDLY Smashing Out Actress Jennifer Aniston . . . Now That She BROKE UP WITH That White Guy!!!” That “white guy,” of course, would be Justin Theroux, and MediaTakeOut goes on to write, “According to the gossip weeklies, Jennifer Anistin and Justin Theroux broke up last week.”

Oh, yes, because the “gossip weeklies” are soooo reliable. Aniston and Theroux did NOT break up last week, this week, or any of the other weeks this year that tabloid magazines claimed they did. So there goes half MediaTakeOut’s premise.

Here’s the other half: “50 released a pic of him hugged up with Jennifer. You know how 50 likes them BLONDE COUGARS . .. remember Chelsea Lately???” Um, last time we checked, an Instagram photo of two people is NOT evidence that they are sleeping together, and the comedienne’s name is actually Chelsea Handler. But wait, because it gets worse.

The photo 50 Cent posted and MediaTakeOut claims is proof he’s having sex with Aniston? It’s not even new. The music star posed with Aniston backstage at Handler’s “Chelsea Lately” finale back in August, more than three months ago. He only shared it this week to congratulate Aniston on her Golden Globes nomination, as his caption makes perfectly clear. For heaven’s sake, you can even glimpse Aniston’s engagement ring from Theroux in the snapshot. See screengrab below.

Like we said, this may be the most ridiculous article MediaTakeOut ran this year. Gossip Cop just obliterated the entire thing, and we look forward to doing that to more MediaFakeOut stories in 2015.

Jennifer Aniston 50 Cent Instagram Photo


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