3-Boobed Woman Jasmine Tridevil FAKE!

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Jasmine Tridevil Fake

By Daniel Gates

Jasmine Tridevil Fake


Jasmine Tridevil, the woman who claims to have three boobs, seems to be a fraud.

The wannabe reality TV star, who said an unidentified doctor implanted a third breast on her chest but was hesitant to let people get too close a look, appears to have faked the whole thing.

Here’s what happened.

TMZ reports that Tridevil’s baggage was stolen from the American Airlines conveyer belt at Tampa International Airport last week.

Authorities tracked down the thieves using surveillance video and returned a black nylon roller bag to Tridevil.

According to the official police report, the bag contained stiletto heels, paperwork, a hair brush, clothing… and a “3-breast prosthesis.”

That’s right — a fake boob.


Tridevil, who signed the stolen property report as “Alisha Hessler,” reportedly told the cops the prosthesis was worth $5,000.

And so it appears that America’s love affair with the so-called three-boobed woman has come to an end.

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