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Star mag births bogus “Jersey Shore” pregnancy story

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By Michael Lewittes



According to Star magazine, “Producers are trying to entice one of the female stars [of “Jersey Shore”]… to get pregnant this time around.”

One of the tabloid’s so-called sources says the producers are “offering a big bonus for a baby.”

But wait, there’s more.

The magazine claims, “Producers are prepared to cough up a half million dollars and a spin off series for the female cast member who agrees to get knocked up.”

The Star even says Snooki “might be up for the challenge,” and quotes her saying that she and boyfriend Emilio Masella “want a boy and a girl, fraternal twins.”

Of course, the mag doesn’t say when or in what context Snooki made the twins comment, but that’s actually less important than the fact that there is absolutely no baby bounty.

The producers have not offered Snooki or J-Woww a single cent for them to “get knocked up,” as the rag so eloquently put it.

A high-level person involved with the show told Gossip Cop the Star story is “nuts.”

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