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Damon Wayans Defends Bill Cosby: “How Big Is His Penis That It Gives You Amnesia For 40 Years?” — WATCH VIDEO

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Damon Wayans Defends Bill Cosby Video

Bill Cosby received an unexpected and impassioned defense from Damon Wayans on Friday. Check out the video here, and tell us what you think.

#KanTay2020: Taylor Swift Gets Flowers From “BFF” Kanye West (PHOTO)

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KanTay2020 Kanye West Taylor Swift

Kanye West needn’t look any further for a presidential running mate. Taylor Swift is apparently volunteering for the job! Find out about #KanTay2020 here!

Caitlyn Jenner’s Mom Learns About Transgender Community On “I Am Cait” (VIDEO)

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Caitlyn Jenner Mom I Am Cait

Caitlyn Jenner’s mom Esther appears on this Sunday’s episode of “I Am Cait, and in it the elder Jenner learns about the transgender community. Watch the video here!

Kylie Jenner Reveals Anxiety Over Fame While Sharing Bullied Woman’s Story

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Kylie Jenner Anxiety Fame

Kylie Jenner says being bullied over her appearance has made her “hide” and “cry,” and “resulted in a lot of anxiety.” She adds in an Instagram post that having her every move documented has “been a nightmare.” The revelations stem from one of Jenner’s “I Am More Than” stories that she posted on Friday about Lizzie Velasquez, who suffers from a rare disease that makes it impossible for her to gain body fat, including in her face.

Johnny Depp: “I Killed My Dogs And Ate Them” (VIDEO)

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Johnny Depp Kills Eats Dogs

Johnny Depp joked about killing his dogs and eating them during a press conference at the Venice Film Festival on Friday. His wisecrack was in reference to the recent controversy surrounding the actor illegally smuggling his two dogs, Pistol and Boo, into Australia. Watch the video here!

Robert Pattinson And FKA Twigs Still Engaged, But “Time Apart Has Taken Toll”

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Robert Pattinson FKA Twigs Still Engaged

Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs are still engaged. But Gossip Cop is told that while they still have feelings for each other, “time apart has taken a toll” on the couple’s relationship.

Tyler Perry Shares Bobbi Kristina Brown Tribute Video From Private Funeral

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Tyler Perry Tribute Video Bobbi Kristina Brown

Tyler Perry is sharing a tribute video he made for Bobbi Kristina Brown’s funeral last month. Watch here.

Robert Pattinson: It’s The “Worst Insult” To Mistake Me For American

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Robert Pattinson Insult American British

Robert Pattinson may be able to do a respectable American accent, but he wants everyone to know he’s British through and through. Check out his new comments here, and tell us what you think.

Jared Fogle Once Mocked “To Catch A Predator” (VIDEO)

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Jared Folge To Catch Predator

Jared Fogle ironically mocked the show “To Catch A Predator” and men interested in having sex with minors on a 2008 episode of VH1’s “I Love the New Millennium.” See the video here.

Iggy Azalea: I Did NOT Record Demi Lovato Rap Without Listening To Song First!

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Iggy Azalea Recorded Demi Lovato Song

Iggy Azalea is setting the record straight about her contribution to Demi Lovato’s upcoming album. See video and get the full story here.

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